Monday, May 16, 2011

Do you care?

Do you care about being sustainable? What does sustainable even mean to you? I try to be sustainable, but it's a little subjective. For example, a friend of mine doesn't eat meat because it's not sustainable. She's uber substainable I guess. I eat meat but I try not to buy new clothes; only from op-shops/vintage stores or on eBay. But I don't buy old shoes generally because they are not worn into my feet and hence are uncomfortable.

I found this diagram, it shows how Sustainability can be measured or explained. But in terms of footwear, how can you buy sustainably?

Buy fashion made from sustainable materials: cork, latex and jute... Jute is hessian. This is quite difficult but a simple Google search will yield ethical and sustainable brands like El Naturalista who believe that

"Naturalistas" start their journey observing everything that surrounds them. They travel through the world and observe it, becoming impregnated by its textures, its colors, its lines... and after a thousand journeys, real and imaginary, they discover that a single idea brings us together. Whatever our race or culture... we all walk in search of happiness.

Another brand to consider is The Simple Shoes who use recycled materials in addition to sustainable ones. They use recycled rubber from inner tubes in big tyres, like on a tractor I suppose, to make your shoes.

Another way to buy sustainably is through second hand clothing either via opshops, on ebay, in vintage clothing stores or via clothes swaps. There are a lot of options for second hand clothes and these days the clothes you buy are generally freshly washed and in perfect condition.

What else can you do? Make like it's wartime and mend things that no longer fit.


Holyoke Home said...

I mended two tea towels a few weeks ago and felt a hero!

carla said...

That's great Holyoke! I have a pile of mending to do this weekend. My sewing machine has gone kaput so I have to do all by hand :(

Anonymous said...

Hi Carla,
You have only covered the environmental aspect of sustainability, admittedly the most popular area. But by no means the only area to focus on, and many people get stuck on this idea that this is what sustainability actual is all about, when it's merely a very small area.
This is my primary area of academic study and I find quite frustracting that many people just focus on this small aspect. Although what you are considering is commendable.
Happy to discuss sustainable topics at any time.
Second hand shoes, need a good internal clean and a method of killing, bacteria, fungal spores and dormant viruses.

carla said...

Hi Anonymous, I wish you had logged in so I could reply to your comment more directly. Yes I've only covered one area, I'm not an expert at all on sustainability. It would be great if you could elaborate further on the other elements I could have mentioned in regards to buying shoes.