Friday, December 3, 2010

My 33 items

So I spent half an hour with some magazines and a notebook and came up with my 33 items for the summer season. Fitting that summer has just started, and so this is my list:

-full patterned skirt
-2 x cotton dress casual
-2 x work dress
-2 x long sleeve top, one blue and white stripe, one black
-loose grey tee
-tailored shorts
-denim shorts
-4 x cardigans
-chambray shirt
-3 x jeans
-black loose pants
-2 x casual short skirts
-printed tee
-red beads
-nameplate necklace
-2 x rings
-2 x sandals
-Marc Jacobs ballet flats
-converse hi tops
-reebok hi tops
-grey suede heels

There are only 5 things needed to complete my list
-full skirt
-shorts x 2
-printed tee

Tomorrow I shop and put away things not included. Will document each outfit each day.

Workout gear, beach gear, sleep wear, underwear not included.

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stylestalker said...

We can't wait to see your outfits!!!