Friday, December 3, 2010

The art of paring back your life

As I grow older I realise how much I hate clutter and waste. I want to achieve a life of less.

I read this post which was found by googling minimalist wardrobe... it's fantastic and it's a shame I didn't find it a few months ago so I could join in at the right time. I'm going to use it as inspiration though as I want to create my perfect wardrobe.

I often dress for work in a hurry and once I'm here feel that I hate what I'm wearing. Things are uncomfortable, ill fitting or the wrong shade and I don't realise until I'm far away from the closet. This is frustrating, and I know if I put the effort into getting the wardrobe right in the first place, I could get dressed without really thinking and be comfortable and happy all day.

I also want to project a different image than I did several years ago. I've always loved vintage and cute styles of clothing but at 27, I just look immature. I hate overly glam and I dislike anything too dressy, but as a result I often feel under dressed at work (though in Advertising it's a bit vague what "under dressed" really is).

I'm going to post a list of the 33 items I decide to keep and I'm going to be really ruthless.

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