Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Madewell and Alexa Chung

These days I don't see a lot of fashion worth reporting. Generally I find fashion too trendy and trends are boring and cyclical.

Even worse, shoes are just boring. I don't wear heels anymore, my knees ache from trying to get fit, and I am more comfortable in casual clothes at the office. I don't think the big team of developers would appreciate my heel collection so much. When I used to go to client meetings in my old role, it was different. Now with my client being essentially internal, it's sneakers and boots. Which is fine by me!

However, probably the only fashion icon I can respect is Alexa Chung. I read an article about her and how she'd been offered a ton of collaborations only to reject them all. I thought that had balls and showed her to be down to earth.

She has teamed up with Madewell and although they don't ship to Australia (and I have no money to purchase anything) I love the looks that are featured on the site.

If you want to have a look - you can see what is up thus far, and sign up for updates on the site.



m.fay said...

love alexa chung AND madewell. isn't it wonderful. found you today on bloglovin. stop by and say hello sometime:


Julia Z said...

I bought a pair of Madewell jeans when in New York last year. They are the best pair I have ever bought and I am very keen to get another pair. Do you (or does anyone) know if there is a way of getting them shipped to Australia? (short of finding someone to bring them back from a holiday?)