Thursday, July 9, 2009

Amazing Jewellery

I have a knuckleduster double ring by This Charming Man, a Melbourne guy (who now lives OS) by the name of Edward Janssen. It's a beautiful ring, it's different and I wear it everyday!

Thanks to Foxyman, I found another jewellery brand I like, Meadowlark. It's NZ based and really sparks my interest. I love different jewellery and I'm even starting to get into gold.

The knuckleduster is HIGH on my want list. Is two knuckledusters one too many?

Check out Meadowlark's stuff here.


Katya said...

I guess if you wear too many knuckledusters you might have trouble with finger dexterity. But otherwise no. ;)

an92 said...

I love the bow earrings! I love anything with bows. And the knucklebusters are cool but probably wouldn't suit me!