Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The proliferation of young bloggers

I've been thinking about this for some time, and thought maybe I'd write about it. A lot of bloggers that post often and receive huge amounts of attention for that, are very young. No doubt these young women (and a few men) are talented, but what differences are there between the proliferation of these bloggers and the few older women (and men) who also write a blog, popular or not.

In my mind, and this will sound rude but it really isn't, younger bloggers, those still in high school, have more time and less responsibilities (including maybe not working at all), which allows more time for these pursuits. In addition, all income can be spent on fashion including the obvious apparel and accessories, but also magazines and makeup.

Those older, in their twenties will find many competitors for their times. Relationships, work, rent and bills all take up our time, and so time spent on our blogs might be difficult to find. I guess my point is that having days and days to spend time taking photos of outfits you don't even wear anywhere is easy to do when you have the time. I wish I had more time to make this blog into something more interesting.


AusAnna said...

this is a really good post and something i think about all the time.
i have so much trouble trying to fit in uni, job, relationship and responsibilities all on no money let a alone budgeting.
i feel your pain and am with you 100% here

Katya said...

So very true. I find I spend all day writing and just have no physical or mental energy to write more in a blog. I figure I will just tick away slowly and times will arrive when I have more time and inspiration.

I do have to say though I also don't have time to read masses of blog posts so my favourite places to visit are those who don't update so much that I can't keep up!

Kat George said...

I think this is a bit of a generalisation... All my fave bloggers are in their mid 20s with full time jobs and still turn out amazing content daily... I think the only blog I read by a teenager is Aus Style, Emma is so talented and not your average materialistic teenager, she has loads of school work, family committments and editing poketo as well, so she has just as many committments as anyone else!


shoes mend hearts said...

Of course there are high schoolers that are busy with homework and part-time work but I have no doubt that some of the more popular younger bloggers have less responsibilities than someone my age. I am not generalising, nor am I suggesting that those bloggers are any less talented, but it just seems that a lot of the bloggers that have a huge readership are younger and in high school.