Thursday, February 5, 2009

Why On Pedder Knows Best

Peter Harris, the president of the Hong Kong retail group ON PEDDER, is interviewed in Vogue Australia March 2009.

On Pedder is an amazing accessories store with an equally impressive website boasting season ezines that showcase the most outstanding accessories of the season. I loved this one.

In the Vogue interview, Peter Harris is quoted as saying, "accessories are democratic in their reach." Vogue asks whether accessories are becoming as important as fashion designers; Harris expresses my view: there is a sameness in the way that people dress and a pair of shoes can completely change an otherwise simple outfit. The shoes affect the way the woman walks and carries herself. The same for a man.

Check out their site here

The five issues of Pedderzine can be found on the site.

Don't forget to visit if you are in Hong Kong.

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