Thursday, February 5, 2009


Sometimes a knock off replicates a designer product so well, you wouldn't be able to guess which is which.

Remember these Chloe boots? A bit of flat ankle boots that I love, and that itself is so unusual.

So Topshop, the home of the fake, have released a similar boot for Spring/Summer 09...

What do you think of their version?

I personally dislike the lighter pigment, the lesser studs and the cheap looking buckles.

But that's the problem with fakes, the quality isn't as good, and the small details are forgotten.

Remember never to accuse someone of stealing your fake, or risk being kicked out of the Playboy mansion (I use far too many Sex and The City quotes in life).



I've seen those in the street and really don't like it. In fact I never like cheap replicates. The ChloƩ boots are stunning especially in red. I remembered this SATC sequence...

Isabel said...

Oh gosh, the topshop ones cannot even begin to COMPARE with the holiness that is the chloes.