Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bad Decision

Last year I wrote about the US Presidential election a few times on my blog. In particular, I mentioned Toms Shoes. Toms had designed some shoes to match the different votes (undecided, republic or democrat) on the election.

Interestingly, I got an email from a Toms employee not long thereafter thanking me for mentioning Toms on my blog, and offering me a pair of shoes for free. I believe this employee thought I was American, despite my blog mentioning Australia quite often, and the post itself referring to myself as a non-American.

When I replied to the employee with my Australian mailing address, thanking them, I was disappointed to never heard back nor ever receive anything from the company. A disappointing decision, and I realise writing about it might not be as positive as when I've written about the company before, but I prefer to be transparent about all types of experiences.

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