Friday, November 7, 2008

Why Italians Do It Better

Italians shoe designers number a plenty, and are universally known as the best in the biz. Young shoe designers from across the globe flock to Italian shoe houses to train under the watchful eyes of major brands like Prada, Bottega Veneta, Sergio Rossi and of course ballet flat extraordinaire Salvatore Ferragamo.

A status only some can afford, the “Made In Italy” engraving on the sole of Italian made shoes means many things together: fit, materials, fashion, durability—the good and the beautiful together.

Vito Artioli, an Italian shoe designer since the age of 16 hopes consumers consider the “Made In Italy” tag a symbol of ‘Italian living, our history, tradition, culture, civilization and sense of the beautiful.’

These crocodile print pumps by Giuseppe Zanotti exude classic Italian style; the rich and exuberant.

But Italian designers are not stuck in their old traditional ways. Italian super brand, Sergio Rossi have debuted a fanciful and flirty grey suede ankle boot.

Of course debate rages over the Made In Italy tag. Many believe it unfair as some big brands do very little of the production in Italy, but still earn the label. Yet still, undeniably Italian shoe designers reign supreme. In the words of Vito, shoes are not an accessory any longer, they are an essential part and foundation of fashion. Indeed.


Katya said...

SO true, nothing makes you stick out more in Italy than bad/boring shoes. Whenever I am there after about a week I find myself thinking, gosh I really need some stilettos for my visits to the library.
Bless their hearts.

Lady Melbourne said...

Italians always do it better, brilliant post!

ted, tedd n teddy said...

just bought myself a knock off of those mens (Vito?) shoes... they look Iti, smell Iti... only made in Bulgaria somewhere... haha brilliant!
fun read... keep up the good work