Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Eyes To Our Souls

Renowned party photographer The Cobrasnake uses street style photography at parties to capture the essence of 'party'.

Why do photographers like to capture the feet of partygoers? The party scene, in particular the Indie subculture is all about art and style; about being an individual and not at all about classical ideals of fashion.

To celebrate individuality, indie kids like to wear unique outfits, which of course extends to shoes. So we can say shoes can explain who we are, and photos of our shoes can do it without referring to any other part of our bodies or outfits.

A 20 year old Arts student at college, wishes he lived in the free loving 70's.

An 18 year old retail queen with her musician boyfriend.

The coolest girl at the party, she likes to surprise, but she isn't into hiking.

The glam girl. Rich parents, at college but just for the sake of it.

Showing off their 90's grunge prowess, the new generation teenagers wearing their Docs do so with more style than their 90's counterparts.

Thinking about who wears these shoes, what that person does and stands for, is an interesting pasttime of mine.


kay gee said...

very good points!
love your blog!

kay gee said...

very good points!
love your blog!

TheShoeGirl said...

Is the top one Amy Winehouse?

shoes mend hearts said...

i don't think so, but is sure looks like her notorious ballet flats

pennerad said...

i also create stories around people's shoes. little nutty, perhaps, but i think what you put on your feet can often be a great insight into the deeper nuances of your soul/spirit/self. good post.
p.s.: the barefoot girl has super nails. kinda icky.