Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Snow & Shoes

Now being a bronzed Aussie, I don't know much about dressing for the super cold. On our cold winter days, I'll wear leather boots, and sure the rain can be damaging, but snow must be so much worse.

I'll be venturing into the cold cold winter in New York City, Paris, Italy and POLAND come this December, so I'd love some ideas from you my dear readers, on what I am supposed to wear on my feet!!


Laurie said...

i know when i travel in winter i had some leather boxing boot/sneaker type shoes (mainly cause i was doing a lot of walking and they are way more steady on the snow/ice), which i waterproofed with some sort of spray. seemed to do the trick for walking through snow/rain but for a lot of exposure to water (like puddles hidden by snow...dammit) not so great... so i guess 'water resistant' would be a better way of describing it.

im not sure about how to make less of an impact on leather as the wet + gritting they do (or salting) can be even worse for shoes.

but i still have the sneakers, and they are still very wearable. maybe the spray did a good thing?

Gem said...

stockings (two pairs if wearing with a skirt, or one pair underneath jeans), thick socks and Doc Martens. These did the trick when I was in Germany over winter a few years ago.

And you can buy this stuff called 'Snow-Seal' from camping shops to waterproof your Docs :D