Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Rules Of Dressing

Usually I only write about shoes. BUT sometimes it's necessary to talk about fashion in a general sense, to illustrate why shoes are my thing.

Following on from my post about featuring items in your outfits, namely shoes, this week I'm talking about the way I approach the art of dressing. Someone very wise once told me to think about outfits as a points system. The points system involves thinking of an outfit as made up of a maximum of 12 points. A good outfit hits the 12 points right on the mark, but a reasonable outfit can be 10 points. Quite simply, each element of your outfit, shoes, bag, jeans or hair has its own value. Your outfit should never exceed the 12 points, otherwise it’s classed as ‘too much going on’.

Using my ever favourite source, Facehunter, let's discuss the finer points of each outfit...

The More Is More
The more is more dresser always exceeds the 12 points, but in their world, 12 points probably doesn't mean much.

Picture 1 - 14 points
Leather Jacket - 4 points
Blue/White Tye Dye Dress - 5 points
Black Patent Shoe Boots - 3 points
Long Blonde Hair - 2 points

Tying her hair back would have brought her in at 12 points...

Picture 2 - 16 points
Bowler Hat - 3 points
Leather Jacket - 4 points
Jumpsuit - 6 points
Shoes - 1 point
Bag - 2 points

Picture 3 - 16 points
Cardigan - 3 points
Shirt - 3 points
Belt - 3 points
Pants - 4 points
Boots - 3 points

I Got It Right On
This type of dresser is a perfectionist and makes sure that every element of their outfit hits the 12 points exactly, even if they're not aware of our nifty system.

There are those of course who fail to get anywhere near the 12 points, but they're hardly worth discussing here!

As we all know, my outfits revolve around my shoes and some of my shoes are worth up to 5 or 6 points… For example, these shoes, bought in Milan on my recent overseas trip count for about 6 points. Therefore the rest of my outfit is usually pretty simple.

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