Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Lucky Shoes

When it comes to luck, how much of it comes down to careful planning of your outfit? I'd say a lot because first impressions can mean the difference between getting lucky or getting nothing at all. Of course this is all tongue-in-cheek, but what's better on a Friday afternoon than to explore the luckiness of shoes.

The idea that shoes can be lucky is not a new one. Horseshoes have long been known as lucky and Wikipedia (the home of all truths) reveals that this may be due to a story of Saint Dunstan, a blacksmith by trade, who nailed a horseshoe to the Devil's hoof. He made a deal with the devil to only remove the horseshoe if the Devil vowed never to enter a home with a horseshoe hanging on the door.The horseshoe must face the right way, in the shape of the U, with the two ends pointing upwards.

So to be lucky, your lucky shoes must possess at least a few attributes that make them lucky. They must be special and unique to you; posessing a story that makes that pair of shoes stand out. Maybe those shoes helped you walk mountains in Peru, or like Helen Mirren, were on your feet when you won two Emmy awards. Or maybe like Britain's last Prime Minister Tony Blair who recently revealed that his success can be put down to his lucky shoes. He wore the same pair of shoes to every question-and-answer session in parliament while he was the country's leader. His lucky shoes were purchased 18 years ago!

I own more than one pair of lucky shoes. I'm not sure if there are rules to having lucky shoes, but possibly the first is not restricting yourself to just one pair. Not all shoes are equal; some shoes will never be lucky for you. Above are my favourite lucky shoes I've worn to my graduation, on dates, to special work meetings and on bad hair days. They never fail to make me happy, I always feel special and most of all, like luck will come my way. On these days, I get the calls from dates, the interviews with jobs, a free hot dog or the sunny weather. It's as if, by wearing these shoes, I know my day will be better.

Lastly, think of Kathleen Dodd, who was given these shoes as part of the Land Army in the second world war. The shoes also have a very deep sentimental meaning for Kathleen because she was wearing them when she met her husband Harry, who died days after their golden wedding anniversary 14 years ago. Maybe like in The Secret, if we believe that luck will come our way, it really will.

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