Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Chanel Is My Blood

I need these shoes, I cannot live without them. They are released pretty soon. I hope somewhere in Australia stocks them, otherwise I'll have to buy online at the shitty exchange rate and then that will be even more depressing. Everyone pray for me?

Oh and as an aside, Lagerfield has been immortalised by being added to the dictionary.

In the new edition of Le Petit Larousse Illustré however, (Larousse Small Illustrated Dictionary) an illustrated French Dictionary and reference book, the Kaiser himself appears as an official proper noun.



So you love the Miami Vice pumps! I did a photo of Leigh Leark wearing them at the Chanel fashion show in Paris. They are quite stunning.

shoes mend hearts said...

oh wow, I met leigh when she was in melbourne. i really really really want them, do you know they'll hit stores/online?

Miss Glitzy said...

I don't know, they're from the Chanel Cruise collection. But I can ask for informations.