Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Being A Sustainable Woman

Being sustainable and responsible is tres important at a time like this. Not only are we concerned by the environment but we worry too about the economy. Two 'e-words' that occupy our time. Now worry not too much dears because we can all do something.

Read up on your eco living and how to be green and friendly.
Eco Friend - a great website about environmental issues and eco living.

Green Is Sexy - informative, easy to digest and best of all, one of my favourite and most inspirational women, Rachel McAdams is involved!

And for those girls in Melbourne - attend a special event that recycles clothing, supports a sustainable and ethical charity and gives you an opportunity to meet like-minded women.


For Better Or Purse is a monthly swapping event held in Fitzroy, Melbourne. This month the event is a special event focussing on Spring Racing. Get your outfit for next to nothing and help others out by bringing your old racewear, or racewear you're not wanting to wear this year, and swap, swap, swap!!

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