Sunday, September 7, 2008

Pretty & Friendly Shoes

If you are a vegan, maybe you'll be interested in the Natalie Portman range of Te Casan shoes...

“As a vegan, it’s been challenging finding designer shoes made of alternative materials. This collection offers a great selection without compromising quality or style.”

As one of young Hollywood’s most respected actresses, Natalie Portman, Academy Award nominated and Golden Globe winning actress, has many accomplishments to her credit - Harvard graduate, humanitarian and style icon. With her premiere collection for Té Casan, footwear designer can now be added to that list.

Portman, a vegetarian since age 8, noticed the conspicuous lack of animal-friendly footwear in the luxury designer marketplace. Té Casan, well-versed in recognizing and developing new talent, collaborated with Portman for her 100% vegan collection.

Beyond just lending her name to the collection, Portman worked closely with Té Casan throughout the entire development process to maintain consistent quality with an exceptional design aesthetic. Dazzling, playful and elegant, each shoe exudes the star’s own personal style - all with social consciousness. To that end Portman will donate 100% of her proceeds to various non-profit organizations dedicated to environmental preservation and animal rights.

(taken from the Te Casan website)


Katya said...

I love that last shoe, so elegant.

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Teacup said...

The first shoe is so chic! It's refreshing to see shoe designers using more environmentally friendly materials to make their products.