Monday, August 11, 2008

Get it right now!

Peeptoe Shoes are the purveyors of the classic girly going out nighttime heel, and I love it.
These hottie shoes are absolutely so amazingly fun and practical - I can see myself wearing them everyday with all types of outfits.
They come in black, black and lace and pink, so get them while they are there!!

Click here to buy!!
P.S. My pick is the black lace kind!


Anonymous said...

I get where youre coming from, but i just have the biggest moral objection to PeepToe.

Not only did they BLATANTLY rip of the Louboutin sole, thereby devaluing the pairs of real CLs some of us own, but the majority of their styles, colour schemes etc are also CL copies.

Maybe if they were a piece of shit Chinese shoe, it would be ok because of the vast difference in quality, but to charge over $200 for what can only be described as a knock off is a bit not cool!!

shoes mend hearts said...

i totally agree with you in terms of copying CL, but at the same time, they are not the only ones who copy CL and many other international designers.

Anonymous said...

True, but even when versace did it, it was for one season, and everyone thought they were pathetic.

There is no one else im aware of whose entire range always features the red sole....

Elena said...

Ooh, I'm so in love with those lace shoes!

ello love! Just wanted to let you know I gave your blog a Brilliante Weblog Premio award :) (see my blog for details)...its just a nice way of spreading the word about your favourite blogs really.