Thursday, August 14, 2008

Being tagged

I love being tagged, it means someone reads my blog!

Darling Trisch tagged me, so here goes...

The rules:
Copy the rules.
Write 14 "small things" that make me happy.
Select 6 blogs so that they continue with the meme and notify them.

The 14 small things that make me happy (in no particular order):
  1. My new Celyn B shoes (Gucci copies)
  2. Playing with the kittens in my new home
  3. An amazing belly laugh with my bestfriend
  4. The moments where you feel content and happy
  5. Brie Cheese
  6. Seeing the Australian Equestrian team at the Olympics get silver, after such a tough year with Equine Influenza, it's an amazing result!
  7. Decorating my new room, after living with a boy it's quite fun
  8. My grandmothers faces when I saw them after being away for so long
  9. Starting a new job
  10. Writing lists of my tasks for a day
  11. A kind email or note thanking me or congratulating me on something
  12. The knowledge of something well done
  13. David Letterman
  14. My hair growing very fast!

I tag the following bloggers!

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