Friday, July 25, 2008

My obsession with bows

I've always been obsessed with bows, read here how much so but now I see Topshop shares my obsession.

I love this fashion forecast by Topshop, and I bought that red tartan waistcoat without seeing this article!!

I hope it doesn't become too much overdone, but really it is my signature look.

Some people like lightning bolts, some people like animals, what do you like, what is your signature motif?


Fashion Addict said...

I love this post, I have a thing for bows too. I just think they are too cute to not use in outfits.

BTW, would you like to link up with my blog?

Anouk said...

those are all really adorable :) I don't know if I have a signature look, but I do wear a lot of black :p

Patri said...

Lovely Blog!, I also a shoe lover. I have a shoe blog too.