Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Most of the items I own are pretty flat in terms of the texture of the item. I really want to buy lots of interesting textured pieces overseas, I think Australia lacks the variety that the UK and Europe have in terms of what is available.

Like nearly every single girl in her twenties, our muse, Susie Bubble always has something to say on any subject. Recently she wrote about Reiss skirts from the S/S08 season and the pretty skirts that featured in the collection, including the amazing ruffled and tiered. I'd possibly only wear them with a plain singlet, but it's hard to find anything similar in Australia.

In terms of shoes, we really lack a lot of choice in terms of texture. Earlier this year, I wrote about Armand Basi and the raffia shoes. Prada's S/S08 shoe features amazing art nouveau texture.

But when it comes to your read to wear shoe, something the masses can easily afford, what are we left with?

A good search of shoes.com shows that the most texture we can hope to find it buckles and snakeskin. It would be interesting to see a chainstore churn out some texture...

Maybe these could be considered textured, or these?


Katya said...

Those Prada shoes are amazing. They remind of the miu miu ones I sent you pictures of with the wooden carved heel.

WendyB said...

I so love those shoes :-)

Brittany-Leigh said...

Nice texture shoes .The most texture like buckles and snakeskin we can hope to find at Shoes.com

Gonzalo said...