Friday, April 4, 2008

Marketing Strategy - Bionda Castana

Bionda Castana have put in place an interesting marketing strategy.

"Established in 2006, the London-based Bionda Castana is a retailer's dream. By allowing buyers to select from over 60 different fabrics—including chic satins, supple leathers and luxe exotic skins—for each available style, Bionda Castana can effectively tailor their merchandise to each store's specific market. Thus, the same vertiginous pump might be outfitted with bling accoutrements in Dubai, while it's cast in a conservatively hued matte leather for maximal appeal in Washington D.C." (JC Report)

This idea is fantastic! Imagine the different retailers, especially the large department stores. Those in more conservative locations compared with those in more high fashion locations. This also applies to socio-economic location. Retailers in very rich areas will ultimately choose more luxe and exclusive materials, whereas the more mainstream retailers will choose the more practical and less pricey materials.

Based in Milan, and handcrafted in Italy.


Sheri said...

that 2nd black shoe is gorgeous. From the side anyway.

Margherita. said...

Off topic, I love the colors you chose for your blog.