Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I'm unashamedly an Indie girl. I love everything about the indie scene, but mostly the music and the fashion. When indie became big in Melbourne, the hottest scene was Streetparty parties and I hit them all up for a few years. Guilty of partying too much, but never succumbing to a nightlife that would affect my daylife, I enjoyed every aspect. As the years wore on, a noticeable shift occurred where the patrons of these parties became younger and younger. It became very obvious that my friends and I were at least 5 years older and so we were forced to move on, feeling much too old for the scene.

When we think about indie shoes, I think of interesting shapes, interesting colour combinations, but not necessarily the dark and evil that many people think Indie equates to.

My good friend Imelda wrote a post recently about this topic, on attendance to the Saint Augustine fashion show. Hilariously written and good points made about indie style. Signature features; cropped hair in a bleached, red or black colour, pointy shoes in black or silver, mish-mash of patterns.


Imelda Matt said...'s highly probable we rolled past each other at the street parties. When I go out these day's I feel like 'grandpa-indie'

On Track said...

I am SO in love with these shoes :) said...

Let me tell you - there were fantastic people that went along with these shoes that I photographed ;]