Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I'm really not an expert on beauty, makeup or skincare, but I do have my preferences. If you want a How To, have a look at Gala Darling, as she is the best in the business.

However, if you just like reading about me, then let's go!

1. Skincare
I've tried a lot of different brands but I'm currently obsessed with Natural Instinct, which you can purchase from Priceline. $20 for the cleanser and the moisturiser and you're set for a couple of months. The best thing about Natural Instinct is that it is ALL natural. No harsh chemicals means my face feels better. I've noticed quite a difference since using these products in conjunction with the pill.

2. Makeup
For me, makeup is about fun, flirty and easy to wear products. My favourite brands are Too Faced, M.A.C and Jemma Kidd. Why? They are easy to use, easy to understand and NO FUSS. The packaging is pretty and the colours are hot.

In Australia, we have a wonderful store called Kit. They sell lots of different brands and will help you find all that you need. The girls that work there are fun and friendly, never embarassing you for not knowing what primer is. Since discovering the store, I've become an increasingly BIG spender.

If you want to know more about Kit, or any of the brands I've mentioned, just send me an email!! shoesmendhearts@gmail.com

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