Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Sometimes when we shop, we look for the more interesting and exciting shopping experience. I'm about to embark on an overseas trip (5 weeks and counting) to Europe. I'm hoping to visit one set of shops in particular in Amsterdam called Shoebaloo.

But the most interesting thing about the stores may not be the shoes. Shocking isn't it? The cutting-edge interior and design of the stores are world-renowned.

The retailer can actually change the colour inside the shop? Crazy!


Vendredi 13 said...

I used to live very near to that shop ! Don't want to shatter it for you but it actually looks much more impressive in the pics, in reality it is quite small. They have another shop in leidsetraat with a boring design but much better selection of shoes. If you need shopping tips in the Dam or elsewhere in Europe, feel free to message me !


Have a nice trip. I didn't know this shop in Amsterdam (shame on me) but thanks to you and Vendredi 13, I know where to go next time.

Kit said...

Oh my gaaaad that's soooo coool!!! Wish we could have that in London!!!