Tuesday, March 18, 2008

One day we’ll all own shoe wardrobes

At the moment my shoe cupboard is a tall cupboard that is half glass door and half wooden doors. I choose the nicer boxes to sit in the glass part. But it's just not ideal. Soon I'll run out of room, and my boyfriend isn't willing to give up any of his (albeit it small) wardrobe space. What will I do?

I dream of a walk in wardrobe, my own special place with a dressing table, nice lighting and my things all laid out, easy to see. But I doubt this will be a reality for a few years at least. Our salaries are above average, but we can't afford a 2 bedroom house just for the sake of my wardrobe dreams.

If anyone has any good pictures of their or anyone's wardrobes/closets, send them my way shoesmendhearts@gmail.com.

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