Thursday, March 6, 2008

Irregular Choice

I am really lemming a lot of the Irregular Choice new season/collection heels in particular.

The collaboration with Heatherette is just soooooo amazing. I know it's probably a bit left of centre for most people, but I cannot resist amazing colours coupled with interesting design.

The Fruit Sundae heel looks mighty comfortable as the multiple straps would be super supportive.

The detail on the heel where it is ruched is such a nice extra bit that makes Irregular Choice such an interesting label. In my mind, any extra detail is always welcome.

The fruit sundae detail on the front with the TBAR of the shoe is so outrageous. The colours and size of this detail are just perfect, I'm imagining these with a black mini dress or something equally as bright.

Good heel to ball of foot ratio meaning comfort and ease of wear. The shortness from the heel to the arch is really attractive to me too, I dislike really long looking shoes, which are particularly bad if you have big feet!

These can be purchased from Irregular Choice - only in the UK/REST OF WORLD store...


L said...

are there any stockists for irregular choice in australia? ive bought from the website before and its decently priced shipping (and pretty quick too). such a shame. i love love love their shoes. so comfortable and interesting.

Shoes Mend Hearts said...

The only stockists in Australia are Hype DC but I'd imagine they have only a limited range.

Imelda Matt said...

sorry these shoes break my heart...and I love left of centre :(

But then I've never been a fan of pleatherette.