Sunday, March 30, 2008

How To: Shoes for the corporate girl

For some, footwear is a precarious issue. How to finish off an outfit, how to find the right 'special occassion' shoes, or just what to wear shopping. Comfort is always my first priority and although I love fashion to death, I'll never wear anything on my feet that is just too uncomfortable.

I thought I should do a 'How To' in regards to what to wear for work and play, particularly for those in more corporate or strict workplaces. If like me you work in a more casual environment then this may not be of much interest, but you never know when you might need the perfect black pump.


Earning money
Earning someone else money
Chance to show off new fashion purchases
Lipgloss application every 30 minutes
Read fashion blogs religiously
Look out for new items on religiously
and more...

When we think about work, we think about a lot more than just sitting at a computer and typing. It's meetings, socialising, getting to and from work, after work drinks, before work gym. All these things require the perfect outfit and the perfect shoe. Comfort is a priority but so is the time spent in the morning to get ready. So I've prepared some tips on how to get your work shoe wardrobe working harder for you.

A corporate environment usually places some restrictions on your clothing, said or unsaid, that mean lame leggings and beaded minidresses won't fit in. This much is obvious, but what about shoes? Where do shoes become too 'nightclub' or 'weekend'?

If you're talking about work outfits, then simple and classic is always going to be better. A black patent round, almond or pointed toe pump, like this one is going to be perfect with just about any outfit.

These are by Jimmy Choo, but many cheaper ones exist. Plain black patent or smooth leather with any of the classic toe shapes will last you for a long time.

If you want to get a bit more detail in, say if your outfit is a simple black dress with no standout features, try something with more detail, like this. Straps and buckles will be your new best friend.

These ones by Brian Atwood would be a perfect partner to your wardrobe for work and play. The straps are gorgeous placed but it's not too much for the corporate environment.

If your office isn't too strict, try a block colour in a classic style, like this. These Rupert Sanderson fire engine red pumps are heartstopping, will make men weak at the knees, yet are so classic, you'll stand out in the right way. Note the shape of the heel and the toe are very classic, counterbalancing the bright colour.

To keep it simple, pair bright colours with a simple outfit, like a white shirt, black pencil skirt and hosiery.

If you are allowed to wear bright dresses, like printed wrap dress, choose one colour and wear a pair of shoes that are the same colour in a classic style.

Great colours for your work wardrobe are

  • black
  • red
  • grey - dark and light
  • brown
  • tan
  • dark purple



I think the Ruppert Sanderson red pumps are stunning. I love red shoes and this one is to die for. I really must plan a trip to London and take a look at his new collection.

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