Friday, March 7, 2008

Fashion Advice

If you found this article, would you take offence to it? I can't say I can sympathise with those who rely on the advice from Westfield shopping centre. Just because a journalist likes to be humourous, doesn't mean you're not stylish. The old debate between classic and trendy continues every season. The classic women tend to be more upset by 'advice' that says pointy toe shoes or slingbacks are not fashionable. Classic women should be self assured, it goes well with their polished grooming.

You tell me, what shoe do you prefer?


Vendredi 13 said...

The first ones definitely. Although I have to admit, I do find slingbacks a bit out at the moment.

olivegrey said...

Actually I love both!! Love your blog too :)

Margherita. said...

The first, the second have too much going on.

A dreamer said...

i would definitely like the second one better.
the glitter and platforms get me!

A dreamer said...

the first ones are beautiful, classic really. but i still like the second ones better.

oh gosh. westfield whats what really pisses me off aswell.
the hot and not pages especially.
they once had an article on how ruffles are ugly. that drove me beserk. lols

immashoesaddict said...

definitely prefer the louboutin ( first one ) the platforms too thick and covers way too much of your foot :S