Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Designer Shoes

To be honest, I'm definitely not a lover of designer accessories. I own one designer bag, that my lovely boyfriend bought me, but on the whole, I think in general, what you get for your money is just not really worth it. I love looking at them, but normally I don't see the point in purchasing. Having said that, lately, I've really enjoyed more of the designer label's offerings because riskier and more interesting shoe designs are ensuing.

Take Fendi for example. A brand I have little interest in normally, but these shoes are just stunning.

The YLH FAH Fendi wedge in delicious lemon yellow and a gorgeous teal/aqua.

You can buy them instore all over the world...

Giuseppe Zanotti, who I love and have written about before have these gorgeous cut out wedge. So sky high and dangerous to wear that you'd just keep them in your glass door wardrobe?

Or are these the type of thing you'd march around in - for work and play?

Click on the image - Net A Porter!

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