Monday, March 31, 2008

Comfortable Flats - what you need to know

The thing about flats is, despite their alluring flatness and soft look, they can often be more uncomfortable than your favourite heels.

The leather at the back of the heel cuts into your foot, giving you the most horrible blisters. They sweat and smell and before long, they are thrown out labelled 'past their time'. There is no doubt that after some considerable wear, flats get much more comfortable. It takes a few weeks and you'll get some battle scars but eventually they'll be ok.

There are some things you can do to eliminate the pain and maximise the gain!
  • Leather makes a huge difference. It's softer than any synethic material and it breathes. Spending the extra $$$ to buy leather lined shoes will mean you feet breathe easy and blisters are fewer
  • Invest in your feet - buy the products designed to help these problems and use them!
Gel Blister Plasters
Immediate pain and pressure relief, help prevent blisters forming. Invisible and waterproof.

Heel Shields
Cushioning protection, ultra-slim, clear and discreet.

If you have any tips, then leave a comment!!

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget to Topy sole! Comfortable flats are a pain to wear if you keep slipping over in them. It seems the more expensive they are too, the slipperier the sole.