Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Loreal Melbourne Fashion Week - Runway 2

Tonight I attended a fashion show at Loreal Melbourne Fashion Week. The show included designers Lee Mathews, Martin Grant, Easton Pearson and Anna Thomas. I'm constantly drawing comparisions between Australia and THE WORLD based on its capacity to provide fashion and accessories worthy of the world stage. It is no surprise that my opinion of the fashion show is an uninspired one. The accessories matched with the designers this evening were I felt dismal and uninspiring. The shoes were sourced from everyday chainstores like Wittner and Zu. Not one designer featured an Australian shoe designer, only Christine included her own accessories.

I'm not a huge fan of the patent platform lace up boot, and the trend based nature of the shoe was just not matched well to the new season TL Woods. Of all the shows, I really liked TL Woods but the shoes were just far too trendy for me.

Furthermore, something odd I noticed was Martin Grant's choice of footwear in the show. The models were wearing gorgeous suede heels; zip up boots and mary janes mostly with a bright red sole. I only know of one designer that uses the signature red sole Christian Louboutin. His signature designs are absolutely to die for sexy and I'd be surprised if the red sole wasn't trademarked. At the completion of each designer, the credits to the accessories and footwear is shown, and in the case of Martin Grant, it was Zu for footwear. After some investigation, I cannot locate any of the mysterious red soled products on the Zu website. Possible explanations? The show organisers labelled it incorrectly (should have been Myer for Christian Louboutin) or... Zu has copied the red sole, and the designs are not on the website, yet. Highly unlikely though?


delia said...


i actually worked backstage at that particular fashion show, and the girls who wore martin grant did actually wear Christian Loubitan shoes (the model i was dressing wore beautiful purple suede shoes).. it is however strange that is was not said in the credits.

Shoes Mend Hearts said...

ahh thanks delia!! That's what I thought