Monday, March 31, 2008

Art and shoes

I love art and the combination of art and shoes in a fashion brand's new season lookbook, or celebratory publication production, is always a fascinating experience. Imelda recently commented on the Onpedder new season e-zine. Their spring summer 08 zine is all things fabulous.

Fabulous photography that heralds a commercial quality that transcends fashion and becomes pure art. The reference to animals with the quality of the imagery is just breathtaking. It's architectural, relevant and timeless.

Some of my favourite images from the zine...


Alexander McQueen


Thomas Wylde(L) and Undercover (R)

Miu Miu

Reminds me a lot of the Prada new season lookbooks, produced by Rem and Jerome Koolhaas, with the superimposed photography and references to themes. This zine for On Pedder done by WORK and CLANG. The Art Direction done by WORK is absolutely breathtaking. WORK is based in Singapore and works on many graphic design projects. An interview with Theseus Chan, the founder of WORK can be found here.


A dreamer said...

mhmm these pics are really special.
i don't think i can even recognise where the shoes are in some of the pics.

shoes mend hearts said...

wonderful aren't they? check out the link at prada too, it's wonderful that there are such inspired art directors and photographers doing these things.