Monday, March 31, 2008

How To: Corporate in pictures

Following on from my post last night about how to match your corporate shoes with your outfit, I've put together some visual cues....

Check this out for more information on the items shown. The idea with the shoes is that the main picture is the most simple. Those to the left and right are simple black but with more detail. Then the cream heels are definitely for the slightly more adventurous and/or casual office.

Art and shoes

I love art and the combination of art and shoes in a fashion brand's new season lookbook, or celebratory publication production, is always a fascinating experience. Imelda recently commented on the Onpedder new season e-zine. Their spring summer 08 zine is all things fabulous.

Fabulous photography that heralds a commercial quality that transcends fashion and becomes pure art. The reference to animals with the quality of the imagery is just breathtaking. It's architectural, relevant and timeless.

Some of my favourite images from the zine...


Alexander McQueen


Thomas Wylde(L) and Undercover (R)

Miu Miu

Reminds me a lot of the Prada new season lookbooks, produced by Rem and Jerome Koolhaas, with the superimposed photography and references to themes. This zine for On Pedder done by WORK and CLANG. The Art Direction done by WORK is absolutely breathtaking. WORK is based in Singapore and works on many graphic design projects. An interview with Theseus Chan, the founder of WORK can be found here.

photo credit: popsugar

Perfect outfit from a fashion icon in her own right. I'm not a huge Kate Bosworth fan, but she looks amazing here.
photo credit: yvan/facehunter

Great hair, great oufit. Love the mix of patterns. I got my haircut like this over the weekend, but I'm blonde. Sooo gorgeous!

Comfortable Flats - what you need to know

The thing about flats is, despite their alluring flatness and soft look, they can often be more uncomfortable than your favourite heels.

The leather at the back of the heel cuts into your foot, giving you the most horrible blisters. They sweat and smell and before long, they are thrown out labelled 'past their time'. There is no doubt that after some considerable wear, flats get much more comfortable. It takes a few weeks and you'll get some battle scars but eventually they'll be ok.

There are some things you can do to eliminate the pain and maximise the gain!
  • Leather makes a huge difference. It's softer than any synethic material and it breathes. Spending the extra $$$ to buy leather lined shoes will mean you feet breathe easy and blisters are fewer
  • Invest in your feet - buy the products designed to help these problems and use them!
Gel Blister Plasters
Immediate pain and pressure relief, help prevent blisters forming. Invisible and waterproof.

Heel Shields
Cushioning protection, ultra-slim, clear and discreet.

If you have any tips, then leave a comment!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

How To: Shoes for the corporate girl

For some, footwear is a precarious issue. How to finish off an outfit, how to find the right 'special occassion' shoes, or just what to wear shopping. Comfort is always my first priority and although I love fashion to death, I'll never wear anything on my feet that is just too uncomfortable.

I thought I should do a 'How To' in regards to what to wear for work and play, particularly for those in more corporate or strict workplaces. If like me you work in a more casual environment then this may not be of much interest, but you never know when you might need the perfect black pump.


Earning money
Earning someone else money
Chance to show off new fashion purchases
Lipgloss application every 30 minutes
Read fashion blogs religiously
Look out for new items on religiously
and more...

When we think about work, we think about a lot more than just sitting at a computer and typing. It's meetings, socialising, getting to and from work, after work drinks, before work gym. All these things require the perfect outfit and the perfect shoe. Comfort is a priority but so is the time spent in the morning to get ready. So I've prepared some tips on how to get your work shoe wardrobe working harder for you.

A corporate environment usually places some restrictions on your clothing, said or unsaid, that mean lame leggings and beaded minidresses won't fit in. This much is obvious, but what about shoes? Where do shoes become too 'nightclub' or 'weekend'?

If you're talking about work outfits, then simple and classic is always going to be better. A black patent round, almond or pointed toe pump, like this one is going to be perfect with just about any outfit.

These are by Jimmy Choo, but many cheaper ones exist. Plain black patent or smooth leather with any of the classic toe shapes will last you for a long time.

If you want to get a bit more detail in, say if your outfit is a simple black dress with no standout features, try something with more detail, like this. Straps and buckles will be your new best friend.

These ones by Brian Atwood would be a perfect partner to your wardrobe for work and play. The straps are gorgeous placed but it's not too much for the corporate environment.

If your office isn't too strict, try a block colour in a classic style, like this. These Rupert Sanderson fire engine red pumps are heartstopping, will make men weak at the knees, yet are so classic, you'll stand out in the right way. Note the shape of the heel and the toe are very classic, counterbalancing the bright colour.

To keep it simple, pair bright colours with a simple outfit, like a white shirt, black pencil skirt and hosiery.

If you are allowed to wear bright dresses, like printed wrap dress, choose one colour and wear a pair of shoes that are the same colour in a classic style.

Great colours for your work wardrobe are

  • black
  • red
  • grey - dark and light
  • brown
  • tan
  • dark purple

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Sometimes when we shop, we look for the more interesting and exciting shopping experience. I'm about to embark on an overseas trip (5 weeks and counting) to Europe. I'm hoping to visit one set of shops in particular in Amsterdam called Shoebaloo.

But the most interesting thing about the stores may not be the shoes. Shocking isn't it? The cutting-edge interior and design of the stores are world-renowned.

The retailer can actually change the colour inside the shop? Crazy!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

One of my favourite culture bloggers (hope you don't mind being called a culture blogger!!) has written a great post about the plimsoll and it's popularity. It's from a few months ago, but I haven't been incensed enough to write about the 'issue' until now.

Plimsolls are so widely worn and in my opinion (don't hate me) are the lazy way out. The indie kids wear them with everything; jeans to dresses, monday to friday, day or night. Is it overkill? Is it lazy? Don't you have any other shoes?

What are your thoughts on this obsession? Do you think fashionable young people should make more of an effort or is the effortless androgynous thing you?

Undeniable, total perfection.

photo credit: yvan rodic/facehunter


Sachi have released their new range of shoes. A bit more inspired than usual, though I still see too much mass market and not enough interestingness for me to purchase.

Having said that, with the required funds, I could be persuaded to purchase the following...


Platforms are sticking around to play...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Vince Camuto

A discovery made on Nordstrom, a label Vince Camuto. I think I can get away with saying, that as an Australian, knowing the many footwear brands worldwide is pretty difficult. Australians have a limited range and the fledging independent brands, like Peeptoe, Nude and Tristan Blair are the few very interesting label. The US and Europe have huge numbers of clothing and footwear brands and I'm oh so jealous about this.

Vince Camuto, upon doing my research, I find that Vince Camuto originally owned The Nine West Group, and he now owns this impressive list:


I'm particularly interested in the Vince Camuto brand for its price point and design inspiration. These gorgeous heels from Nordstrom are called 'Valentine'. The balance of colours and texture , the shape of peeptoe and the low cut boot style lace up front, are just so easy to wear. Some snakeskin and patent leather, where can you go wrong?

Vintage Heels on EBAY

I read Style Bubble religiously (most of you do too I imagine) and recently miss susie wrote a post called 'Don't Lynch Me'. Now, eBay scouring is a tough business and finding the best things requires some good search strategies.

Because I love finding fun things (particularly if they are not my size, not tempted to buy!!) here is some vintage finds I think would be great additions for YOUR wardrobe!

(Click on the title name for the link!!)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Armand Basi

What factors tie these pictures together? Substance, volume and amazing use of colour and texture.

Armand Basi is a spanish family-owned business based in Spain. The brand was created in 1986, but the origins of the brand stem from 1948 when the label started making quality knitwear sold in the most pretigious establishments in Spain. The brand went international in 1994, started selling lifestyle products like eyewear and homewares in 2002, and in 2006, Marcus Lupfer is brought onboard as the womenswear designer.

The designs are so wearable, yet so well formed. Of course the pair of heels at the top may need to be well-cared for, but isn't fashion for wearing anyway?

Designer Shoes

To be honest, I'm definitely not a lover of designer accessories. I own one designer bag, that my lovely boyfriend bought me, but on the whole, I think in general, what you get for your money is just not really worth it. I love looking at them, but normally I don't see the point in purchasing. Having said that, lately, I've really enjoyed more of the designer label's offerings because riskier and more interesting shoe designs are ensuing.

Take Fendi for example. A brand I have little interest in normally, but these shoes are just stunning.

The YLH FAH Fendi wedge in delicious lemon yellow and a gorgeous teal/aqua.

You can buy them instore all over the world...

Giuseppe Zanotti, who I love and have written about before have these gorgeous cut out wedge. So sky high and dangerous to wear that you'd just keep them in your glass door wardrobe?

Or are these the type of thing you'd march around in - for work and play?

Click on the image - Net A Porter!

One day we’ll all own shoe wardrobes

At the moment my shoe cupboard is a tall cupboard that is half glass door and half wooden doors. I choose the nicer boxes to sit in the glass part. But it's just not ideal. Soon I'll run out of room, and my boyfriend isn't willing to give up any of his (albeit it small) wardrobe space. What will I do?

I dream of a walk in wardrobe, my own special place with a dressing table, nice lighting and my things all laid out, easy to see. But I doubt this will be a reality for a few years at least. Our salaries are above average, but we can't afford a 2 bedroom house just for the sake of my wardrobe dreams.

If anyone has any good pictures of their or anyone's wardrobes/closets, send them my way

Monday, March 17, 2008

I know you like clothes

If you like clothes, meeting new friends, cupcakes, champagne and a total bargain, then come to For Better Or Purse.

For Better Or Purse is a monthly event held at All Of The Above in Fitzroy (Melb, Australia). It's a really fun night where women of all ages bring their preloved and well looked after clothing to swap with other like minded women. There are no pre-requisites, but a love of fashion will help!

It costs $10 if you pre-pay online, and best of all, 50% of the funds raised are donated to our charity, the International Women's Development Agency.

You can just turn up on the night with your clothing - follow our 2 simple rules and you'll have a great time!

Rule No 1. Only 8 pieces maximum including shoes and accessories
Rule No 2. No stains or rips - things need to be in good condition!

If you don't live in Melbourne, then too bad!

I was born in the wrong era...

I watched a lot of movies over the weekend, which is one of my favourite things to do, but it reminded me that there are so many great movies and books to see and read, I really need to make sure I keep exploring the books and movies that are out there.

A quick search on Amazon and I've got $100 worth of books to read, including
-The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
-Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen
-The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
-Suite Francaise by Irene Nemirovsky

On the topic of movies, I realised that there are so many classic movies that I still haven't seen. And I feel inspired to watch them, and to take them in. I always feel like I was born in the wrong era. I'd be much more comfortable with my body and my looks.

In any case, this is my list of movies to watch:

La Dolce Vita

The Birds

Dr. Zhivago
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

The Princess Bride