Thursday, February 14, 2008

More looks from London Fall 08

Christopher Kane's collection is online today from I love Christopher Kane, even though it's not really my style. I just love his 'ethos'.

Love the fabrics and the detail, imagine the feeling you'd get wearing these types of garments. The attention you'd attract if you added even one element of these outfits to your normal everyday style. It would be phenomenal. Particularly in Australia, as compared to Europe, we are so 'underdressed' which frustrates me every single day.

This one is probably the only look I would wear given my body shape and style. I really love the draping of the cardigan, the shape of the dress and the colours too. The lightness of the colour would help a shortie like me wear something like this, the darker ones above would be too 'heavy'.

Being a blog about shoes and all, I just have to add that those shoes are just divine. I can't really imagine them being hugely wearable, but something to put in a glass cabinet and stare at.

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