Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Cogs of My Style

Reading lots of these types of posts all over fashion world blogging, and it's quite interesting to do one for yourself.

Top Row: Pink Luelle Giselle Bag, Black and white two tone peeptoes with the perfect height heel, Neutral headbands, Black and Gold Marc Jacobs Blake bag, White bow flats, chanel towel, Gingham shirt, panda print, red dress, cropped coat

Middle Row: Black and white stripe clutch, oxford heels, animal bracelet, opaque tights, suede low heels with chain, butterfly belt, nudie jeans, denim pinafore, vintage coloured dress, white tee

Bottom Row: White platform gladiator style shoes (chloe), tan flat boots, brogue multicoloured pump, halterneck polka dot bikini, polka dot dress sailor style, lame leggings, vintage bright skirt, too faced bronzer

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