Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sruli Recht

Ex-Melbourne designer, Sruli Recht is now based in Iceland. After completing fashion at RMIT in 2002, Recht moved overseas to pursue his passion.

Sruli Recht has launched his first collection of Sruli Recht Shoes for 2008. To visit, touch and smell each one of his creations, check out the tour list here.

An excerpt taken from an article in Indesign Magazine...

From marketing a pair of his shoes ‘for throat-cutting thieves’ to moving to Iceland, the actions of ex-Melbourne fashion designer, Sruli Recht are what make the man.

Reykjavík, Iceland is an unusual place to find ex-Melbourne designer, Sruli Recht. But after leaving the London studio of Alexander McQueen, he was keen to track down composer Ben Frost.

“This man’s sound is like the sonic resonance of my design. I found the environment such an amazing change from London, the warmth of the people, the great water, breathable air and a physical landscape that caught me by surprise.

I felt grounded, here, for the first time in my life.” says Sruli.

And his designs... well they are amazing...

I love the grey nurse button up ankle boot...

The detail and shape of the boot are very intelligent and will suit a man who is fashionable but not frivolous. A Melbourne man at heart indeed.

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