Wednesday, January 16, 2008

For those dreaming of winter time treats

In Winter, I love nothing more than wrapping myself in pretty pyjamas and slippers that keep my feet warm but add a certain something to my ‘lounging around’ outfit. The doona (duvet/quilt/blanket), chocolate and my favourite TV show... normally a DVD boxset. It’s bliss.

So where to buy those coveted things we call ‘sleepwear’ and 'loungewear'? The animal print or striped pyjama set or nanna-like nighties can be found just about anywhere... But don’t you want something as unique and original as you?

I found it!

Slumbergirldesigns is a UK based seller on Etsy. If you don’t know Etsy, shame on you! It’s basically a online shop for everything handmade by artsy types all over the world.

Slumbergirldesigns, or Ingrid, studied pattern cutting and dressmaking at college in Holland. A 23 year old who has been sewing for 8 years, now living in the UK has started a business to satisfy her desire to make sleepwear and loungewear.

What's better than a doona/duvet/quilt for your feet? Nothing!!

Check out her store on Etsy now!

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Shame on me, I didn't know Etsy so thank you. Those "sleepwear" look warm and cosy, I've got to think about it. Sleepwear or new Zori and Tabi?