Friday, November 23, 2007

Eley Kishimoto

There's something about all of Eley Kishimoto's shoes that just grabs me. I can't explain it, but she has this eye for detail and shape that is just perfect.

The black patent and suede fishscales wedge. What's good about this shoe? The wedge, it's comfortable and easy to wear. The shape of the toe is flattering and so current, but it won't age either. Will look totally amazing with jeans or your best skirt. The touch of patent is so alluring and the fishscales, well I'm speechless, it's a detail that I don't see often in shoes that I like. Infact I generally dismiss any kind of animal skin (that's not the normal type of leather) as a bit dare I say 'tacky'. I stand corrected, it can be done with style.

It reminds me a bit of Julia Deville's jewellery, maybe the combination can be taken even further?

Ok so it's not the same as fishscales, but Eley Kishimoto's designs just have the same feeling about it...

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Kristy said...

hiya, since figure 8 closed down, do you know where i can buy Eley Kishimoto heels?
i need a pair for an upcoming event! thanks so much!