Thursday, July 5, 2007


I've only recently started to wear jeans (for the first time in a few years) and now I'm getting back into wearing sneakers. I didn't like being casual, but now I can see the merit in these types of clothes, and how sneakers and jeans don't have to be casual.

But I won't wear just any sneaker, it's gotta be a bit crazy, a crazy colourway I mean!

Check out my new Nike Dunk sneakers.

Anyone else got an amazing pair of sneakers?

P.S. Check out Reebok Freestyle, it's the 25th Anniversary this year, and there are some very cool colourways, or get a custom job at Reebok Custom.


Steph said...

Hi there fellow shoe lover!
I cannot find an attractive pair of sneakers anywhere - they just don't make the kind of sneaker I want... but I'm not sure what I want... until I see it!

Edna said...

Here's the thing. I love colorful. . everything. . .especially shoes. the only issue I'm having is that what would you wear with some thing like this?